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This is probably a Whitehead family wedding - taken around about 1911. The one person we have managed to identify is Thomas Baker (standing at back with "Dad" written above his head)He was married to Edith Whitehead. There are various possibilities as to whom everyone is, as the Whiteheads were a large family. If anyone has any clues as to whom any of these people are, it would be greatly appreciated!

Mystery: Who is the groom? Could he be Alfred, Arthur, Joseph or Frederick Whitehead or another Whitehead?
Who are the old couple? Could they be John and Mary Jane (nee Tutty) Whitehead?
Who are the men at the back?
Who are the children?
Any hints would be appreciated!
at England, Middlesbrough or Redcar, Yorkshire United Kingdom


Albert Smith As for as I know, I am not related to the Whiteheads, but I did find a letter once that had some information on it about a Whitehead family that lived in southern Missouri, south of Popular Bluff, Missouri. I have lost the letter in time. but still remember some of what was written on it. There was a Captain Emery or Emory Whitehead married to Susan last maiden name unknown, they had ten (10) children; EDITH, MARGARET, EMILE, KATHERINE, EMERY, EMIL, JOHN ANDREW, HAROLD JAMES, and two (2) other children that had no names, appearently died at birth. It stated the Mr. Whitehead was a Captain in the Confederate 8th Kentucky calvary. I hope this helps. It is hard to remember what I read. Like I said, I don't know what ever happened to that letter, I sure can't find it anywhere.
Mar 12, 2009 · Reply
Albert Smith The letter taht I had also stated that Captain Whitehead also lost an arm later and had severe internal injuries and also 4 of his men had died their names were Greene, Sherman, Johnny and Burns.
Jan 07, 2012 · Reply
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