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A gravestone next to the 'Albertson' plot. Asking around Naumbeurg, I chanced upon an older woman resident who felt the 'Tafel' stone might be related to the "Albertson' stone/plot next door! I was told that Augustus E. may have lived in NYC.

David Tafel P.Eng. [contact link]

Mystery: My great grandparents, August Frederick & Christina Tafel are buried across the road from the 'Augustus E. Tafel' stone shown here in the picture. I know we aren't related but I found the coincidence of the name locations curious ... although maybe I shouldn't, seeing as Naumburg is in a late 19th - early 20th century German settled area. Maybe someone out there can enlighten me further.

David Tafel P.Eng. [contact link]
at Naumburg Union Cemetery, Naumburg, NY USA


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