William A. & Elizabeth (Rembe) Croft Family, 1912 Croft family photo
Michael Atkins

William A. & Elizabeth (Rembe) Croft Family, 1912

The Croft family in 1912, no location offered by the submitter. In this photo: Claude Dunbar Croft, Dorothy Hellen Croft, William Adelbert Croft (Father), Elizabeth (Rembe) Croft, Gerald Vernon Croft, Leila Mae Croft, George William A. Croft, Ethel Adele Croft, Alta Irene Croft, Edith Elizabeth Croft, and Leslie Emerson Croft. ... show more

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Photo taken at United States of America on
William A. & Elizabeth (Rembe) Croft Family, 1912

Claude Dunbar Croft

Born: Jun 3, 1907
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Claude Dunbar Croft at 5 years old  ·  Dorothy Hellen Croft at 2 years old  ·  William Adelbert Croft at 47 years old  ·  Elizabeth (Rembe) Croft at 44 years old  ·  Gerald Vernon Croft  ·  Leila Mae Croft at 17 years old  ·  George William A. Croft at 9 years old  ·  Ethel Adele Croft at 20 years old  ·  Alta Irene Croft at 13 years old  ·  Edith Elizabeth Croft at 15 years old  ·  Leslie Emerson Croft at 8 years old