William Alexander Crossan;s sister & family

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William Alexander Crossan's sister and husband and his niece. Photo said to be taken outside their home on the Thames River,London. about 1930.I have not been able to trace my grandfather's history,prior to him coming to NZ before 1898.Sister's first name not known so I have not been able to find her in any genealogy records.Family stories say that his parents(William Alexander Crossan and Julia Anna Blowman met while his father was travelling in Russia for the Singer Sewing Machine Co.
In the photo there is a sign on the gate which reads ...lyverton.Need to Zoom in to the right of the sister's head.Could be ulverton -significance unknown.

My Grandfather served in WW! and while on sick leave went for 10 days to Chadderton ,near Manchester,and I wondere if there was a connection to the Crossan family there.

Many years of research have not revealed anything pertaining to the Crossan family,prior to him coming to NZ, so if anyone recognises the people in the photo please let me know.

Trev.Valler, New Zealand.

Mystery: Names of the people.
in London, England


AncientFaces What an automobile! The Crossan family out for a drive with the family dog taken outside their home on the Thames River, London circa 1930.
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