William Beitz Family Devereaux family photo
Tina Carpenter

William Beitz Family

William and Wilhelmina Beitz and their 10 children. I'm not exactly sure when this picture was taken, Wilhelmina (mother) died in 1901.

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William Beitz Family

Marie E Meyer

Born: Mar 25, 1870
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Marie E Meyer at 30 years old  ·  Wilhelmina C Beitz at 60 years old  ·  Bertha L Paar at 19 years old  ·  Wilhelm F Beitz at 62 years old  ·  Augusta W Legler at 22 years old  ·  Wilhelmina E Westphall at 34 years old  ·  Louisa A Warner at 37 years old  ·  Anna C Kluever at 35 years old  ·  William L Bates at 24 years old  ·  Lena M Kluever at 28 years old  ·  Frantz E Bates at 31 years old  ·  Emma M Devereaux at 26 years old