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William Henry Harrison (Dood) Elliott was my gg grandfather,b.1841 in Hardin Co.Tn.d.Oct.17,1922 Perry Co.Ar.,was in civil war CSA C company 5th Tn. the son of William Harlin (Hardy) Elliott and Sarah Caroline Poindexter Elliott.Dood was quite a ladies man and had two or three wifes,maybe at the same time. Proof of marriage is to Mary Cathrine Patterson Elliott,they had 13 children,another claimed wife Bessy Beasley,they had 3 children,and Emily?facts unknown.Dood had a wagon yard in Little Rock,AR.and also had a farm in Dongola in Searcy Co.Ar.
in Dongola,Searcy, Arkansas


Marguerite Harper I would like to know sisters/brothers of this special person. Am looking for relatives of Martha Elliott, born in 1842 Tennessee,
Dec 27, 2003 · Reply
Scott Gibbons William Henry Harrison Elliott was my gggrandfather. He was born Aug.17th, 1841 and died Aug.23nd, 1922. He served in the Union army in the 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry not the Conferderacy. His father William H. and brothers James Thomas and Greenburg P. were Confederates. He was married four times. First to Mary Catherine Patterson, second to Margaret Williams Jones, third to Mrs. Emma Hepp, and fourth and last to Mrs. Emily Winkler. He had 13 children with his first wife and 4 with his second. No children were born to the last two unions. He was not the William Elliott that had a wagon yard in Little Rock. W.H.H. Elliott was living in Oak Lodge I.T.(Oklahoma) during the period that the William Elliott of Little Rock was in business. He was also disabled due to wounds recieved during the Civil War. His right leg and arm were severely damaged and according to his medical records his right leg was 2-3 inches shorter than his left. He is buried in a unmarked grave in the N.W. corner of the Perryville cemetery next to his mother in Perryville, Arkansas.
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Benjamin Watts Write a comment...Why do you believe he served in the Union Army? All of the evidence points to him serving in the Confederate Army at Shiloh and Vicksburg just to name a couple.
Jul 30, 2012 · Reply
Scott Gibbons I can clarify my last posting since I've come across more documentation. Dood indeed served in the Confederate Army. He was conscripted on 1 Jan, 1862. He was captured 17 Jan, 1863 by the Union Army while heading to Adamsville, Tennessee to visit a brother (don't know which one) who was in prison there. The Union Army sent him to Gratiot Street Prison (now Jefferson Barracks) in St. Louis, Missouri where he signed the Oath of Allegience and was released on 9 April, 1863. Upon his return to Savannah he enrolled into the Union Army on 2 Oct, 1863 and was in the 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry. He was wounded while on picket duty in Wayne County, Tennessee. The gun shot/s resulted in a broken right leg and arm. I have copies of multiple medical records thru the years where he was trying to get relief from the pain that he inflicted from the wounds. He was discharged 14 Oct, 1864. It appears he didn't stay still very long because I have a copy of a letter written by a Captain H.W. Kerr who was writing to the sheriff of Hardin County that was requesting that Dood be tried for treason since after his discharge he joined Burt Hayes' Confederate Guerrilla's and was still causing havoc in and around Hardin County. This was dated Aug, 1866 and Captain Kerr was requesting since he had Dood in prison for theft that he ought to be hung because he was " a really bad man". Thankfully that never happened or I wouldn't be here. I have no records that Dood's regiment was at Shiloh or Vicksburg but documentation would change that. He served in Colonel Crews' Infantry Company B. I do know based on a copy of a letter I have written by Dood's mother Sarah that Dood's dad William died in 1853 so he couldn't have served in the Civil War as some descendents have also stated.
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Benjamin Watts Which company was Dood assigned to in the Confederacy? I am Dood's GGG Grandson and I am from the Searcy County family. Which family are you from Scott? I have been told that Wiiiam Hardy was killed at Vicksburg and indeed a Williiam H Elliott did perish at Vicksburg who was 49 at the time which coincedentally was the same age as Hardy.
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Scott Gibbons Dood's son Brown was my ggrandfather. I have a copy of a letter written by Sarah Poindexter Elliott stating that William H. Elliott died in 1853 and that she later remarried Thomas Edd Nevills so the William H. Elliott who by the way was parolled at Vicksburg, not killed isn't our William H. Elliott. I actually tracked this one down to upper east Tennessee after the war where he lived to be a old man. You can email me direct if you'd like to keep from using yhis format.
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Scott Gibbons Benjamin, I tried adding my email address and the website wouldn't allow it so unless there's a way around it this format will have to do or try this. Change dot to a dot and see if it'll work: sgibb1@bellsouthdotnet
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