William & Nancy Myers Family  family photo
Jessica Derrick

William & Nancy Myers Family

My Great Grandparents: this is the family of William Nickolas Myers. Nancy Ann Myers b. 5/27/1871 d. 10/7/1932
Dorsie E Myers b. 4/2/1904 d. 2/6/1982
Robert Leander Myers b. 11/10/1901
William Nickolas Myers b. 12/11/1875 d. 1/6/1943
Edward Myers b. 5/8/1898 d. 2/17/1958
Bertha Mae Myers b. 10/7/1905 d. 11/14/1984 ... show more

The Mystery

If there is any body out there related to the people in this picture? I am trying to learn more about my grandmother's family.

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William & Nancy Myers Family

William Nickolas Myers

Born: Dec 11, 1875
Died: Jan 6, 1943 (age 67)
Also in this photo: William Nickolas Myers  ·  Dorsie Myers  ·  Nancy Myers  ·  Robert Myers  ·  Edward Myers  ·  Bertha Mae Myers