William Robert Nalley &Hettie Ethel Buie Nalley

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My husband's grandparents, William Robert (Bill) Nalley and his wife Hettie Ethel Buie Nalley. We don't have any idea when it was taken, found it in some of their old stuff. William was the son of Thomas Jefferson Nalley and Sarah Pricilla Young Nalley. He was born 11-24-1895 in Arkansas and died 04-02-1986 in Harrison, Arkansas. Hettie was born 01-06-1902 and died 03-06-1991 in Harrison, Arkansas.


Xxxxxx Xxxxxx i'm hoping maybe we have a tie somewhere down the line i'm looking for the nalleys from little rock arkansas, frederick joe nalley was my great granfather.i only found a small obiturary.the date i'm assuming of his death is july 29,1954 he was 88 so i aslo assume he was born in 1858 his wife his wife name was ada cassin(nalley)he had 7 sons and 4 daughters i'm hoping someone may have some information.please contact me at [contact link]
May 05, 2006 · Reply
Bobbie Nalley My name is bobbie nalley I am ray nalleys daughter I have been researching our past ancestors as well I remember granny penny had this picture at her house and I used to live in the trailor next to granny penny and grandpa welzies house . My mom robin mears told me I used to run over togreat grandma hettie any time I got in trouble at granny pennys since it was right next door its so nice to hear a little more about them and if you have anymore information you can find me here or facebook . Hope your all doin well aunt jean ? I believe is what I used to call you.also kinda random I ran across this picture and realized I look just like hettie and I knew nothing of us being related until I showed my mom this picture and she told me the stories I just told you , I found this very astonishing I had a connection with just a picture and I saved the picture and web page just knowing that me looking just like hettie that we were related.also I was wondering if you know what color there eyes were cause I have green eyes and nobody on either side of my family has them and I want to know where they came from .
Apr 29, 2011 · Reply
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