William Tubb & Marion McGee, Louisiana

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William David Tubb and Marion Newton McGee at the Sugar Mill: Circa 1900 to before 1910 near Dubach and Bernice Louisiana. Standing left holding a sugar cane is William David Tubb. Standing under the roof structure to the right is Marion Newton McGee and Leuticia Jane Reedy McGee. The children in the photo are said to belong to the McGee's. The structure is a sugar mill and pile of sticks in front of the sugar mill is sugar cane. I remember as a child in the late 1960's being taken by my maternal grandfather, Cecil Tubbs, to a sugar cane mill in this same general area, where they made sugar and syrup for pancakes. I remember he bought syrup in gallon buckets and wow was it delicious on biscuits and pancakes! Note: William David Tubb is my great-grandfather and Cecil Tubbs' father. (Comment by Gary E. Gray)
in LA


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