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This is my grandfather, Willie Frederic Moegelin. We called him grandpa Bill because we had so many grandparents that were living at the same time, we had to differentiate them from one another somehow. He was an avid fisherman and loved to go camping with all of his children and grandchildren. He worked for H.E.B. grocery company as a truck driver that delivered groceries to various H.E.B. stores around the state of Texas. When he drove that big truck, he would stop by our home and bring us candy or fruit and visit a while before resuming his trip, usually when his deliveries were already done and his truck was empty. He was b 23 Apr 1897 on the Salado creek near San Antonio, Texas. He d 23 May 1964 of a spider bite on his leg that became infected. He like his wife was a very family oriented man who had a gentle soul. He was a tall man with brown eyes, and a gentle smile. When he saw one of his grandchildren they got a quick hug in his big muscular arms that made you always feel safe and loved.
in New Mexico USA


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