Wilson,  Norman, and Rolfe Wilson family photo
Sandra Gifford

Wilson, Norman, and Rolfe

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Photo taken at Wilson Cowen, Webster, West Virginia U. S on
Wilson,  Norman, and Rolfe

Elmer Seymour Wilson

Born: Aug 15, 1908
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Alcinda Frances (Norman) Rolfe at 26 years old  ·  Sennettia Sophronia "Nettie" (Norman) Wilson at 29 years old  ·  Josie Odress Wilson at 9 years old  ·  Elza Bell Wilson ??? at 4 years old  ·  Frank Rolfe  ·  Henry Bell Norman at 68 years old  ·  Henrietta ????? Norman at 24 years old  ·  Baby Elva Caroline Wilson  ·  Ephraim Sayers Norman at 31 years old  ·  Elmer Seymour Wilson at 2 years old  ·  Baby ?