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(Meadors), Lester, Mary Johnnie daughter of John Thomas Meadors & Cornelia Belle Eaton born Oct. 8, 1916 in Chickasha, Grady County, OK.

1st husband, Marvin Terrell
2nd husband, Birchen Eden
3rd husband, Tillman Larkin Lester

Article found in Moore, OK. blowing in the wind, landing against my feet. It was folded in half very neatly. I thought, hmmmm....being as Meadors was in my own family history from Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma it had to be fate that the newspaper found me therefore I am posting it in behalf of those that may want to follow this woman's vast trail of history. Several states and cities are involved in her 90 years of travel.

Donated by a fellow Meadors researcher.


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