[Women from Boston and Charleston, West Virginia, holding...

Photo Details

  • Film negatives--1970-1980.
  • 1 negative : film.
  • Other images on related contact sheet show U.S. Capitol in background.
  • Signs read: "Charleston, W. Va. Get the dirty books out," "Prayer alone is not enough. We need action!," "Will silence be golden when our freedom is gone????"
  • Title devised by Library staff.
  • Contact sheet folder caption: "Demonstration of Boston and Charleston, W. Va. parents - anti-busing and anti-textbooks, 3/19/75, TOH [Thomas O'Halloran] & MST [Marion S. Trikosko]."
  • U.S. News & World Report Magazine Photograph Collection.
  • Contact sheet available for reference purposes: USN&WR COLL - Job no. 30926, frame 13.


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