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Compare this to one taken in White House. Same hair part, eyes, nose, ears, chin, eyebrows & even tie. Given to me by Grandma a few years ago -- no one in family knows who he is...except for how he looks similar to Abe.


Mary A. Briggs Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809. The daguerreotype process of photography, photogenic drawing, and glass negatives weren't introduced to the public until 1839. While this photo does look similar to Abe Lincoln it can't possibly be him since he was already 30 years old in 1839. I can tell by looking at the photo that this was taken at a later time. Perhaps as early as the 1850's? I'm not a professional photography expert but in my humble opinion this isn't Lincoln. Sorry it isn't, it would be wonderful if it was. I'd be looking at your grandmothers ancestors and try dating it with the clothing and family photos. He could be your great( X?)grandfather? Best of luck!
~ M. Briggs
Dec 18, 2013 · Reply
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