Young English Woman leaning on tufted chair

Photo Details

Photo of young English woman from late 1800's or early 1900's. Photography by Fradelle, 246 Regent St. West, London.

Mystery: This young English woman is a family member, but we need to connect names with faces! Is her photo in your family album of VALLIS or PALMER from England? Any advice on narrowing the date of the photo?
This photo was a treasured keepsake of my great-grandmother, Louisa Ann PALMER VALLIS, born 1858 in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire England. Louisa met & married John VALLIS in Lincoln, Nebraska USA in 1887. John Vallis was born in Middlesex/Poplar-MillWall in 1849. Both John & Louisa had family who remained in England. Other English ancestral surnames include: PICKERING, TAYLOR, HEDGES AND CUTTER.


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