Younger Brothers Gang Crawley family photo
MaryFrances McKee

Younger Brothers Gang

The Younger gang was a cousin to James Prince Cates (Jim/Pop), Lillian Audrie Blevins husband. We found this picture in a family album. It pictures Coal Younger, Jim Younger ,Bob Younger and their sister Henrietta Younger Crawley. Pop cates would run messages between the Younger and James gang (whowere also cousins). Pop later became either a Sheriff or Texas Ranger because he was caught and given the ultimatum of going to jail or becoming an officer...he decided to become an officer. This picture was found in a Cates family Album. ... show more

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Photo taken at Missouri USA
Younger Brothers Gang

Jim Younger

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Jim Younger  ·  Bob Younger  ·  Cole Younger  ·  Henretta Younger Crawley