Yvonne  Margalef Murchison, 1954 Murchison family photo
Joe Hay

Yvonne Margalef Murchison, 1954

A photo of Yvonne Margalef Murchison (1952 - 2005) in 1954 with her grandmother.

About Yvonne Margalef Murchison

I knew Yvonne since her childhood. My grandmother cared for her for several years. I also knew her in her teen years and when she was dating her husband Michael Murchison. Her maiden name was Margalef. Her mother's name was Maria and her sister is Sonia Margalef Caputo. They all lived in Bayonne, NJ. ...more info

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Yvonne on my grandmother's lap in 1954, Bayonne, NJ.
Apr 14, 2013 2:31 pm reply
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Yvonne  Margalef Murchison, 1954

Yvonne Margalef Murchison

Born: Oct 28, 1952
Died: Mar 25, 2005 (age 52)
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