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The Zlatykanicz siblings in the early 1940's in Hamilton, Butler Co., Ohio. The siblings in the photo are Bronislawa "Bertha" [Zlatykanicz] Sositko (born 1883), Maria "Mary" [Zlatykanicz] Kroczaloski {also spelled as Krocyolowski, Kroczolowski and Kroczalowski} (born 1876), Andrzej "Andrew" "Andy" Zlatykanicz (born 1885), and Franciszka "Frances" [Zlatykanicz] Grajkoski (born 1881). They all lived in Hamilton, Ohio except for Mary Kroczaloski. Mary lived in Michigan. Mary and Andy both lived in Pennsylvania at one time. A brother named John lived in Pennsylvania. They were all born in Muszyna, Poland and baptized in the Catholic church there. They were the children of Peter Zlatykanicz and Apolonia F. Chmielowska (also spelled as Apollonia and sometimes misspelled as Paulina or Abolinia Hnielswki or Hnielwski), the daughter of Jozef 'Joseph' Chmielowski and Emerentia Goedl (daughter of Franciszek "Franciscus" Goedl and Emerentiana Eva Gertrude Roskovanyi).
Bertha's Pierogi recipe (with the potato & cheese filling and pan fried in butter and onion after boiling them) is still cooked by some of her descendants. I cook them but I pan fry half of them in butter and onion and half of them in bacon grease and onion (but do not eat the onion) like many of the family members.
Update: In 2006 I received information on a Roskovanyi family going back from the year 1240 to the 1800's (Roskovany, Hungary [now Rozkovany, Slovakia]). I also have sketches of the sequences of Roskovanyi coat of arms from over the centuries.
Update: I was contacting (on the phone) by Donna (Kroczolowski) Graat on Dec. 6, 2009. She's the granddaughter of Mary (Zlatykanicz) Kroczaloski. Donna gave me some information and a few stories on her grandmother. She said that her grandmother cooked a Pumpkin Soup recipe. It tasted just like Pumpkin Pie but it was a soup.
in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio


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