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Is there anyone out there that can help me with finding any information on
my family? Thanks to a couple of you: I have a copy of James Francis Johnson's death certificate and a copy of a census here in Utah. I can't find any
information on his parents or when his father arrived here in the USA. I know he didn't just fall from the sky! I have family that says he served and rode with Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders. But they don't know what years he served. My gr- grandmother received a pension when he passed. He was a tailor at Fort Douglas,Utah..
Thank you,
Name: James Francis Johnson

Date of birth: March 19,1871-72

Place:, New York

Date of death: December 16,1927

Place of death: Salt Lake City, Utah

Father:James Johnson

Place of birth: Ireland

Date of birth: ?

Mother:Margaret Hassen

Place of birth: New York

Date of birth: ?

Spouse: Viola Delta Moore

Date of birth: December 18,1880

Place of birth: Seven Mile, Ohio

Married: 1902 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Date of death:August 17,1961

Place of death: California
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Mar Hays may be [external link] johnsons out of NY also.........lonepolecat@[external link]
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