A Tribute to Autumn Brown

April Mcleod
My grandmother, Autumn Brown, showed me by her actions that pets were as important as people.

I was proud of her for scooping cats from the side of the road and either immediately take them home or bring them to the shelter.

She amused me when she routinely put table scraps in tin pie plates and then brought them to the woods for the raccoons to eat. I thought, "Why can't she let the raccoons find food on their own?", but this act of kindness made her happy and that was all that mattered.

She wrote about animals from as small as crickets to as large as dogs as well as nature and family in her self-published poetry book, 'Thoughts to Treasure'.

I'm sure everyone who reads this has had someone who influenced you in some small way that pets need unconditional love just as we deserve and crave the same.
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