Abraham Roberts

Diane Penberthy
Abraham Roberts 1819 to 1897 came to Australia in 1853 in the "Charles" ship, 3 years before his wife and 6 children in 1856. In This year he leased the Admiral Hotel in Long Gully Sandhurst to gain an income and held free concerts and quadrilles, dancing. In the meantime he saved to open an Iron Foundry. His older brother in Cornwall had taken possession of his father's so he knew the business. At 18 he had absconded from a saddler apprenticeship as he didn't want to do it. He was a farmer and carrier with servant and labourers so he had enough money for unassisted fares.
He obtained over the years a huge block Wills and Mitchell Streets and United Iron Foundry was known around the world, even USA. His wife Elizabeth nee Tonkin was well liked and she and Abraham had 10 children in all. I would like to tell you about them. Where do I do this?
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