Aebers Donischal

Jean Claude Donischal
Looking for my great-grandfather Aebers DONISCHAL: I am looking for DONISCHAL ALBERT ,also registered as AEBERS, who arrived in NEW YORK on 29th july 1891.He was born 03/18/1864 in PFASTATT (father:Francois Joseph DONISCHAL, born on 05/25/1821, mother Marie-Madeleine Baechler,born 03/29/1824)and got married with Marie Thérèse DEIBER on 10/25/1189. One year later, on 18th july 1891, his wife Marie-Thérèse, also registered as "Barbara" DEIBER born on 08/18/1870 in WATTWILLER joined him in the USA.
They had two children :
Joseph DONISCHAL born 03/30/1890 and Louise born 05/14/1891 in PFASTATT, and left their children in Alsace behind them.
We found these ancesters on the German Immigration lists , because at that time, their bithplace , in the region Alsace used to be German, and belongs to France nowadays.
We could not find any trace of them in the USA with these names afterwards, and can assume that they perhaps decided to change names.
Joseph DONISCHAL is my grand father.
My uncle has been able to trace all our genealogic links since then, using French archives.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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