Anthony Bessey 1609 - 1657

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He came on the "James" in July 1635. Anthony took the oath of fidelity at Sandwich. 1639. He held the office of Sandwicxh highway surveyor, 6 June 1654 and was in the Sandwich section of the 1643 Plymouth Colony list of men able to bear arms. He received one acre in the division of meadow land at Sandwich on 16 April 1640. On 5 March 1638/9, "Anthonie Bessie [was] presented for living alone disorderly, and afterwards for taking in an inmate without order." Anthony was probably married about the time of this presentment.

The"Last Will and Testament of Anthony Bessey of Sandwidge this 10 of ffebruary Anno: Dom 1656 and exhibited to the court held att Plymouth the 3d of June 1657 on the oath of James Skiffe;
Impr: I give unto Jane my wife three Cowes viz blacking Moose and Cherrey and three yearlings viz two heifers and one bull and a Cow calfe that moose brought this yeare and one yearling steer that Dorkas my Daughter hath given unto Jame my wife; I give to her likewise my bed with the appurtenances belonging thereunto Item I give unto Dorcas my Daughter two heifers formerly Desposed to her viz Nubbin and Spark and one more now which wee call younge moose; Item I give unto Ann my Daughter one heifer which wee call pretty Item I give unto Nehemiah my son one heifer formerly Desposed to him Called Coll: and I give the house and land now possessed by mee unto my two sonnes viz Nehemiah and David and two steers likewise to them both viz Burnett & Raven Likewise I give to Nehemiah my gun and my Cutlas and my boats; and all my wearing clothes my will is that they should bee equally Devided betwixt my two sonnes and also all the meddow I have to bee Devided betwixt my two sonnes I give unto my Daughter mary one heifer wee call browne; Item I give unto my Daughter Jane one heifer wee Call Daysey; Item I give unto my Daughter Elizabeth one ewe lamb which is in mr Edward Dillinghams hands; and four our Debts owing to others there is as much owing to us by others as will Discharge it the which I leave with my wife to Receive and satisfy wher I owep; likewise in case my mother send any thinge over to me as formerly shee hath Don that it bee Desposed of amonge my family in generall; furthermore for any moveables not formerly mencioned as houshold stuffe or the like I leave it amongst the family untill my wife shall marry and then to bee Devided amongst my Children likwise my will is that soe longe as my wife Remaines in her widdowhood to Injoy the benifitt of the house and land and Childrens Cattle untill they Come to age but in case shee marry then the five bigest to bee put forth and theire Cattle with them according to the Descretion of the overseers Moreover for the
little one my wife goeth with that my wife give to it a portion if god give it life for the which I have given the more to my wife furthermore I leave my wife the exequitor of this will; and my loveing frinds James Skiffe and Richard Bourne to bee overseers of this my will wherto I have sett my hand; this prsent Day as above:Witness: Richard Bourne, Anthony Bessey,James Skiffe
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