Arthur Freer Spreckley

Andrew Wilkinson
I am researching my own family tree into which I think Arthur married. My Grandfather's wife's sister married someone records name as Arthur Freer Spreakley, who was born in 1888. Her name was Ada Blanche Selina McMinn and when hunting around on Google I found Arthur Freer Spreckley had married Ranee MacMinn and had two children, David and Pamela. The fact that Ada was in India and her marriage took place in Chakrata with the groom's father there (named as Herbert Freer Spreakley), and that Arthur was in the Gurkhas seems a bit coincidental. The rarity of the name is indicative of a match and the other info that may be valid is that he was lost at sea. There is also a birth record in Worcester for someone of that name in 1888. Get back to me if this is helpful.
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