blackberry picking

Patricia Houze
wonderful memories of picking berries with my 2 older sister,I was maybe 6 , Di was 10 and Tee was 12.Mom alway's said don't come back until our baskets were full, with her promising to make us some blackberry turnovers ,and of course a pie for after dinner. The search for the berries through the sticker bushes and all the thorns was job in itself ,as though they were protecting themselves from being picked.We would be gone for hour's ,though it really did't take that long ,what it was, as we picked we ate so our baskets took awhile to get full.As always big sis said we better be getting on home because it was nearing 3o'clock and Dad was coming home work , mom would always ask why were we so long and it was evident that we had been eating and a picking, because beside our fingers being blackish red from the berries so were our lips .That was a WONDERFUL DAY
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