Brady Sies, My best friend

Darlene Williamson
MY BEST FRIEND I WILL NEVER STOP MISSING OR LOVING: I Loved BRADY with all my heart and still do.
I have a tattoo in memory of him.
we were best friends and were together BUT MICHELLE AND STEPHINE RUNIED our relationship.
I cant let go
I would love to see his daughter.
he was an awesome friend and played daddy to all his friends kids
he was loyal smart and there will never be anyone who can come close to BRADY
I lost my life with him.
god I miss and Love him.
I wonder about his daughter everyday,would love to see her
he called me his FLY HUNNY, He was the greasted guy I ever met still till this day. They say God only takes the best but ever since he took Brady I have problems with religon. I had no family.
I dont know how his Family make it everyday cuz I wake up look at the celieing relize im alive and i ask why why whywhydid you have to take him away everything happens for a reason huh my broken heart it dose....
I have to say I just dont understand I hate life without you ..
remember our song we played on repeat for hours at the trailer (KEITH SWEAT) NOBODY
Ashley is 21 and
Sean is 19 wants to join army
Tyler is 12 is really good at basketball plays for genesse 6th grade butI belive your with me cuzI dont have good luck i have always strugled to have good but theres been times Ijust know it was you I love you man the pain dont ease either thats somemore bullshit they tell ya anyway love ya foreveryour Fly Hunny Darlene.
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