Brian & Bridget Hawes

Justice Cain
Brian Lee Hawes Becomes a Father: Lane was the first and only child born to Brian Lee Hawes and Bridget Ann Hawes. Brian and Bridget were married for over a year before Bridget became pregnant. At first it was because Brian was stationed on his Med Cruise in the Navy.
Brian was on his Med Cruise when Desert Storm broke out. His ship was redirected to where the conflict was happening. We do not know what happened during this time or what Brian may have seen, but he did not come back the same person. He became abusive and refused to work or even clean himself. He was offered counseling and declined based on prejudices against therapy. He was scheduled to go back out to sea a few weeks after returning from his Med Cruise but this time just to assist the coast guard a few miles off shore. He never went. I remember driving him to the ship that day and dropping him off and saying our goodbyes. A few hours later I received a phone call at our apartment telling me to come pick him up, he never got on the ship. I went back down to the base and sure enough, there he was. We went back home and after the ship returned from the mini-cruise, military police showed up to arrest Brian. I had a meeting with his CO were I begged for mercy, the CO assured me he would do everything he could. Later, when Brian was discharged, I went back to ask the CO why? He told me he gave Brian every opportunity but that he would not ask for another chance, so he had to discharge him. Let it serve as a lesson as to what happens when we are unable to ask for accept help.
So after Brian returned to civilian life, he still did not become productive, he had trouble keeping a job and was violent still. He still refused counseling but seemed very set on having a baby. Bridget believed when she finally became pregnant, that it would snap Brian out of it and make him take things serious. It did not. 2 months after becoming pregnant Brian Hawes left his wife, Bridget Hawes, and went back to live with his father. Bridget had the baby alone and Brian offered no financial assistance during the pregnancy or after. The night Bridget went into labor she called Brian's home to let him know his child was being born. His step-mother Lois told Bridget that Brian had take his girlfriend to The Balcony for dinner. It was the girls birthday so Brian bought her roses and rented a Tux for the occasion. But he still had not paid one dime toward his unborn child's needs. In fact, Brian took the only car when he left so Bridget was left to walk, very pregnant, in the Texas heat to do grocery shopping and other chores.
Brian showed up several days after the birth of his son to look at him.
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