Burkeland family name

Elsa Burkeland
Up untill 1920, there were no family mames in Norway, like Iceland. People used the names of the farm thry lived on. When they moved they changed names. Udually to the name of their fathet + sen (son). From the last years of the 19th century some broughtj the name of the last farm they lived on to industrial cities. Sometimes they had only lived on that farm for short period. Some changed the name. There were seven farms in Osterøy on Burkeland. Nearly all of them used the name. Today only two of the families have this name: Arne Johan Burkeland and his family and Magnar Burkelands family my family, none of them related as far as I know. My husbands family has lived here for 250 years in direct paternal lineage. Andreas may be related to a family coming from Loftås in 1831. I believe he lived in Brevik, Telemark?

Elsa Burkeland
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