Bygone - poem

PatsyJoReed Sircy
by- Patsy Jo Reed Sircy

Memories crowd in as the calliope plays,
Soundtrack to "BYGONE" stories of who goes, who stays;
I thought I saw a tear on the Cameo's cheek,
Your horse still wears the saddle you rode last week.
Was it just this morning, or a hundred years ago,
When you whispered that you loved me, and you had to go?
Am I living with a nightmare that a boat sailed away,
Is a slipper in the orchid that I found today?
Help me know what's real and lasting, point it out,
My little World is "topsy-turvy", fate has turned it about;
I see the cards are really postmarked from a far-off land,
My band of gold's not on my finger, things are not as planed!
The chain with your medallion's in my seashell box,
I'll keep it safe like it was guarded by a thousand locks;
If you're really over yonder,say a prayer for me,
Maybe GOD can show the reason in some light I'll see!
All the pictures from the folder, I will keep in sight,
Every night will see the flicker of my window's light;
Where the carousel completes it's circle, where home fires burn,
My CRYSTAL SHOE waits, in the ORCHID, for my PRINCE to return!

24 MAY 1997
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