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Calm to Calm & "Me-an' - - - Share-own" - poems

PatsyJoReed Sircy
by- Patsy Jo Reed Sircy

Peaceful scene, disturbed by naught,
Click of my word shutter, vision caught;
Meandering stream, with gentle ripples' flow,
Forever imprinted, memory recall show.
Wading children's quest for pebbles, dear,
Recalling treasures of all they hold near;
Swinging bridge, many precious bare feet trod,
Reflecting clouds and rainbow, sent from GOD.

Violent temper, underneath beauty's disguise,
History's markers to record water's rise;
Recall surging, raging, wet claws of death,
Terror of sinking LOVEd one' last breath!
Disappearing houses pass bending trees,
Congregation scattered, all still on knees;
Season's crops, stock, farm life's blood,
All swept away by last night's flood!

A child's limp body, baby bed, and toys;
Found in trees, by Volunteer rescue boys!

Where's the devastation, now? Long since forgot;
'Neath serene lake's surface, dam's invisible blot!


"Me-an' - - - Share-own"
by- Patsy Jo Reed Sircy

TVA lakes are "Me-an's", you see,
Somebody else owns them with me;
Me-an' you's land and pride they take,
So Me-an' you all "share-own" the lake!

Me-an' my family's land is under there,
Unmarked ancestors, some with raven hair,
Me-an' my son hear faintly, on the wind,
An eagle's scream, fright his world will end!

Me-an' my people proudly walked this country new,
We fought for many freedoms, to think and do;
It was always so, still is, to this very day,
Me-an' mine will die for "right to say"!

We-an' Uncle Sam send our kin way-off to fight,
Our lakes gently lap home-front shores each night;
If we sell our waters, it will be Freedom's shame,
Me-an' you's GI's long to return, from whence they came!

They plowed up trees, and cut homes down,
Tears filled the lakes, then spilled all around;
We-an' TVA can't sell water, blood, sweat, and tears,
Me-an' others "share-own" with GOD for our Earthbound years!

2 MAY 1996
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