Carmen Cabeen

Ann Shinault
HOLY SPIRIT FILLED WOMAN: Around 1973-5 Jane attended the First Christian Church on Broadway, Elk City, Oklahoma. My Father-in-Law; worked on a car; the jack fell on him; just surviving the car falling on him was a miracle! That Sunday he walks up the stairs with excruciating pain with each step. Carmen approached him asked if she could pray for his healing. He said yes; Carmen prayed in the SPIRIT aka Praying in Tongues. After she had prayed; all the pain, except in his neck was gone!

I first meant Camen at the first Health Food Store; she opened here; I stepped in her store an ordered. She began talking of CHRIST AND HEAVEN; she helped me believe that CHRIST AND THE FATHER LOVED ME VERY MUCH.

MUCH LATER; I was fortunate to meet her youngest daughter, she worked at our first Fitness center. A beautiful and sweet woman.
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