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Carrie M Gholston, my mother

Julia Gholston-Turnage
A Great Mother, Friend, Worker, and Singer: My mother, Carrie, was one of my most inspirational persons in my lifetime. She always made sure her family was well taken care of while serving God and others. she has taught me to go after your dreams and not to be afraid to help others, even if it means you may not see them again.

She was a hard worker until she became ill in 1984. I remember the last birthday party she gave me before being hospitalized. That day was like any other, I went to school, came home, and was surprised with a Care Bear card and a birthday party.
She never led on as being as sick as she was until the day she was hospitalized. In December of 1985, she was resuscitated twice on Christmas Eve. By this time we were staying with one of her sisters (semi-permanently). I had been enrolled in Jr. High with my cousin for about a month.

In the summer of '87 I spent every day at the nursing home with my mother. She would make sure I had something to eat. We talked; I brushed her hair and even went outside with her as we tried to get her strength to rebuild. Still through all of this, she never told me that she was dying from Colon Cancer.

She was one beautiful lady. (in my eyes) She sang so beautifully. At church, she was always asked to "sing a solo", or "lead a song", with that beautiful soprano voice. She worked 3rd shift and still found time to help out at the church on Fridays, selling church dinners.

She never missed a service, revival, or choir practice (exercising that great voice), or giving of her time to help others in need.

Today, I have found myself doing the same things as my mother done in my day of growing up.

I say proudly, my mother’s spirit lives on in/through me.
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