Casad Family History

MadameJoanne Phelps
The CASAD family name can be traced back as far as the year 709 through the 14th century in the Duchy of Normandy, France. The name was originally COZAD, and the family was enobled in the 14th century, with the Title of MARQUIS De La COZAD. Later the name became COSSART. The COSSART family were Huguenots and fled France and went to Leyden, Holland, where they once again became a prominent family. In 1662 JACQUES JACOB COSSART sailed from Hollard to America on the De PURMERLANDER KEROCK and settled in New Amsterdam (now Manhatten Island). The family name is also listed as COSSAIRT and COSSARIS. For a while JACQUES was the Collector of Revenues for the pay of the clergy and soldiers. They moved, along with some other Huguenots and Dutch, and founded the village of Bushwick (now Brookland). There is a portrait of JACQUES hanging in the Astor Library in New York City.
The four sons of ANTHONY COSSART became the fathers of numerous families, the descendants of which are widely scattered throughout the United States and some foreign lands. About this time the family began changing the spelling of the name from the French and German to English and it may be found spelled in different ways, viz, COSAD, COSED, CASAD and COSART. The descendents of the three eldest sons of ANTHONY's son, JACOB, i.e., JACOB, SAMUEL and JOB, finally adopted COZAD as their name. Those remaining in the East, spelled it COSAD and those in the West later changed it to CASAD. There are other spellings of the name. ANTHONY'S descendants also used COZART and CAZORT.
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