Casey Eugene Cantrell

Ricky Dent
Casey Eugene Cantrell (Frederick Richard, George W., Jonathan, Hiram) was born on Dec 20 1922 in Kanawah County West Virginia..

He was in the Navy during WWII abord the ship Harry Lee

The USS Harry Lee participated in
seven (7) initial invasions:
the first on July 10, 1943, in the landing at Scoglitti, Sicily.

She returned to the States with German prisoners, who were
units of "TheDesert Fox" Rommel's famed "Afrika Korps",
which boarded in Mers ElKabir, North Africa.
Soon after her arrival in the States, the Lee was assigned to
the Pacifictheater, where she participated in six more

Tarawa, Gilbert Islands, 20 November 1943,

Kwajelein, Marshall Islands, 31 January 1944,

Aitape,New Guinea, 19 April 1944,

Guam, Marianas Islands, 21 July 1944,

Lingayen Gulf, Philippines, 7 January 1945, and

Iwo Jima, 19 February 1945.

After months of transferring and training, the Lee moved
from island toisland in the months that followed. Then on 20
July 1945, she gotunderway for San Francisco, CA,
proceeding independently,
arriving 8 August 1945 - a great day - V.J. Day!

On 29 September, the long-awaited destination: Tokyo
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