Changing Dayton Ohio's Name

HarryDevon Johnson
Changing The city name of Dayton Ohio:

Harry Devon Johnson Is writing this for the brief proposal to change the name of the City Of Dayton Ohio, to the city of Devon Ohio - Also To change the park in High-view hills, called Highview Hills Park in Dayton Ohio To Regardless Park.

This Notice also makes it to Dayton Ohio Commissioners. And other high Dayton Figures.

Also In proposal Belief is - HDJ Elementary School - and HDJ High School Also HDJ Career College: Which would be in Dayton Ohio.

(Harry Devon Johnson)

This Press Release is to let the public Know, in this press release and online about these belief of changes:

The city Name Is In Jonathan Dayton's name who didn't live in Dayton Ohio and never stepped foot on the land according to Wikipedia:
- Harry Devon Johnson stated that the city would be better off in His name, because he lived there and accomplished things that Jonathan Dayton has.

He also feel's that it's because of the positive changes, he will em-burst over the city population. And also deals with what he has accomplished in his life.

He wants to make Street Maintenance better - Crime Maintenance better -School Maintenance better. And Structural Maintenance better.

Harry Devon Johnson want's to have Super Arcades Built In downtown Dayton - Harry Devon Johnson Fills that there, need's to be more attractions, for more people to be willing to travel to Dayton Ohio.

This Is Brief Bio:Of Harry Devon Johnson

Harry Devon Johnson is 28 years old, his birth day is 7-9-1983. He was born at Miami Valley Hospital In Dayton Ohio. Harry Devon Johnson, grew up in Trotwood Ohio Suburbs; Summit Square Apartment. Where He went to school @ Olive Hill Elementary : Trotwood Madison School District;Where he first learned his shapes and colors and basic mathematics.

He also Lived in Highview hills where Mayor Rhine McLin, who took office in January of 2002, lived with her family when she was a girl in a McArthur Avenue house at Highview's border. The 53-year-old graduated from Highview Elementary School. According To a Dayton Daily news paper Highview hill's story.

Brief History Of Dayton:

Dayton is situated with-in the Miami Valley region of Ohio just north of the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Metropolitan area. People who have lived in Dayton Ohio, created the first Airplane, also created the first electronic car switch. And have created major hot songs;in the past.

The city was incorporated in 1805 and was named after Jonathan Dayton, who owned the land. Nancy Cartwright is from Dayton Ohio: she plays the voice of Bart Simpson on the cartoon show called the Simpson's. Which was one of Harry Devon's favorite shows,growing up.

The year Of February 25, 2008 - Harry Devon Johnson;Birth Name - accomplished Publishing A book Of Poetry with Publish America. This Book called Reading Virginity 1.1 was Published that year.

Publish America has offered him hundred's of events; even if he didn't except. He states That Publisher America Is no Scam,and that it takes time,concentration and money to succeed,even if it's an advanced fee in millions from A major publisher;This money has to be paid back. For some that thinks that being published is a free ride;when it comes to large amounts of money.

After publishing multiple books with Poetry Anthology's,from starting the year 1998 to this year 2012. One Of these Anthology companies known as International Society Of Poets:

Gained Him Invitations to take a tour of the White House in 2003,And Honorary - Co - Chairman For the RNC. He has paid to have his poetry read and for them to except the awards as in via satellite @ some of these events by International Society Of Poets; unlike some poets, that goes with strictly scams when it comes to paying moeny;

Harry Devon Johnson States in reality they was supposed to pay for they bills and food and everything else in-between in they life and be independent;before they started calling this companies scams on getting money from the public and charging them for a hotel.

They was only supposed to continue paying and, add high achievements to they life.(18 or older or Parent or Guardian)

That's why some people never go to some events and or pay because they are not ready for the real worlds financial obligations.( In This Way)

Reading Virginity 1.1 : ISBN: 1604748087 Publish America (February 25, 2008)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: # has made it to the 1.000.000's the year of 2012 from 15 million, and has left the 1.000.000's seller rank and moved up to A lower position to the 5.000.000's area and stayed in the 5 millions for at least three months so far to this date 5-8-2012.

The year of 2011 Publish America (May 2, 2011) Allowed Regardless Devon Victory: Pen name Of Harry Devon Johnson - to Publish an autobiography about his life.

Three years after the first publishing The book was called The Bridge Of Destruction And Terror - A Reflection Of A Human In The World.This book goes into the authors life, more on his feelings about life,than what he went threw. Though It displays some ways he lived and feels.

Publish America wrote him asking him to publish The book about his life. He was plotting on writing another book with them in-between time;though they preferred a biography - I was Happy with the decision - and They had no hate values,between them on which way the second book was released. The ISBN To This book is: 145600736X.

The year of 2003 Harry Devon Johnson was claimed, Honorary - Co - Chairman Of the USA President Dinner. He was head over a census sent to 55,000,000 citizens;threw out the whole world.

Which gave him the written right from; The Republican National committee and the USA House Of representatives to be a member of the USA House Of Representatives. ( They wrote this to Harry And It's true.)

The Links Is the Remarks From The president dinner, that Harry Devon Johnson Served Honorary-co-chairman for. The remarks are in written,video and audio form.

Brief Bio: Harry Devon Johnson went to Ruskin Elementary,Magnet school in Dayton Ohio where he studied Japanese.

He Also went to Stiver's middle school where he took dance class's and went to school with Ericka Neal - Idotha Bootsie Neal's daughter : which was Dayton Ohio, City commissionaire and with Celebrity Toccara Jones - "who" both girls attended school and had a popular aspect. That's How Harry Devon Johnson remembered them by their name popularity.
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