Chocolate Gravy

Kathy Smith
Take med.sauce pan-put 1c.suger-1/2c.flour-2heaping Tbls.cocoa-stir together-add 3c.milk-cook on med.heat stiring constantly till thick-add 1tsp. vanilla.Serve over hot biscuits broken in half-add butter or margerine on top.this was a real treat for breakfast that my Granny Mae Elliott would fix when we were kids.
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Laura Howard I LOVE Chocolate Gravy. It has been a few months since I fixed any. The last time I fixed it was for a church pitch-in. Nobody here had ever had Chocolate gravy before. Everybody loved it. Especially the kids. LOL. As kids, we used to fix Chocolate gravy, yeast rolls, eggs, bacon & sausage every Sunday morning. Thanks for sharing this receipe with other folks. You folks out there reading this, if you like chocolate, you'll LOVE chocolate gravy.
Feb 10, 2007 · Reply

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