Cody Thomas, Just A Start

Haley Thomas
Cody was born to Merl and Jana Thomas on the morning of October 25, 1995. An older sister of three years was waiting excitedly at her grandparents house for the arrival that would change her life forever. Coming home later she soon discovered her smiling parents held a tiny bundle wrapped closely to the mothers chest. Love at first sight of the tiny, wriggly, red skinned baby. Feeling nothing but love and a sense of protection, the two became inseparable. Watching him grow up to be a fine young boy the stages went from baby, to toddler, to child. He moved to North Fork California before he was 4. Growing up in the mountains made the siblings closer. Only having each other as friends. Exploring, swimming, fishing, and shooting bee bee guns. Later came bike riding and quads. Some of his favorite things among Playstation 2 and Nintendo 64. He was a smart child. Hyper as could be, had trouble sitting still for very long.
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