Cousin John to Charles

Beth Pearce
letter on military stationery:

Co. K 348 Inf. Camp Pike, Ark. May 12, 1918 Mr. Charles Montgomery

Dear Cousin: I received your letter sometime ago and was quite surprised
for I had not thought about hearing from you but was glad to hear from you
as you are the only relative I have in the service. Mabe if we can keep up
correspondense we can meet up with each other when we get across the pond.

Yes things are going as nicely as I could wish for over hear now and I am
liking the Army fine. I have only been in since the third of Dec. so you
see I haven't had quite so much of it as you have. I have been expecting to
leave for France for a month but havn't gone yet. I may go any time. Of
course a fellow can't tell when they will say for him to go. I am real
anxious to go across. What about you do want to go or not? It nearly
scares some of the boys here to death to mention going across.

You are having some real hard luck with your guard duty but then you are not
the only one. I have been on ever other day for a month. They have sent so
many of the boys away from hear until it takes nearly all of us to go on
guard and that is the reason you see. I think I would like the army lots
better if they didn't have any guarding to do don't you ha! ha!

Now Charles don't wait as long as I have to write for I have just been so
buried until I could just about keep up with my writing home and to my Jane
you know. I will do better next time. answer soon Your Cousin John Ivy
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