Dreamer's Christmas Eve - poem

PatsyJoReed Sircy
Dreamer's Christmas Eve
by - Patsy Jo Reed Sircy

Once upon a time, on Christmas Eve,
I vowed to stay forever, never leave;
I knew to grasp the moment, hold on tight,
Save a memory that would fill a future night.
I sipped a mug of eggnog, as I tried,
To finish wrapping gifts I had to hide;
Each one seemed as lovely as the last,
As the present intermingled with the past!
I was grown, and yet a child, in some strange way,
Realized, Chrstmas is always time to play;
The child that lies within me never dies,
Youth and laughter, precious take-outs of the wise.
I heard the sleigh bells, coming down the lane,
Wiped the window clear, the lower pane;
As I peeked out, to Winter wonderland,
I saw the jolly, bearded, little man!
He tiptoed to the window, and looked back,
Motioned me outside, to see his sack;
His sleigh was filled, with every kind of toy,
One to strike the fancy, of every girl and boy!
The snow was swirling 'round his smiling face,
And elves scurried to and fro, with style and grace;
Their antics made me stop, and laugh, out loud,
I was then reminded of a happy shopping crowd.
The ones who made "traditions" did a special thing for me,
The wreaths and bells, the carols, the decorated tree;
The sights and smells that lead us to a table, filled with all,
Add right up to total pleasure, forever to recall!
I saved some pictures, in an album, so I won't forget a thing,
I close my eyes between the pages, hear the sleigh bells ring;
I relive it, then relive it, relive that special Christmas Eve,
Reserved only for the Dreamers, we children who believe!!

29 Nov. 2005
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