Earnest Scippio, Greatest love

Lemon Scipp
From the days on his chest to the day I grew up and laid him to rest. Earnest Scippio has been the greatest thing a kid could have from the long talks, songs, weekend outings, family dinners, and hanging with him at his job he has shown me the true meaning of unconditional love. He was a slim smooth guy that meant what he said and said what he means. He spent his days beautifying automobiles, cooking us the best meals, hanging out with the old gang and playing the guitar (which was one of the best memoirs I didn't know granddaddy could sing n play that guitar like that) his life in Miami was filled with his talents of love for his grands, his hands on the kitchen stove to the car that needed repair at the shop. He was and always will be the greatest grand father. He always called me baby girl and gave me all the attention the only girl out of many boys needed and I'll never forget his love for us because his passing broke out hearts, it's shattered us, people could tell. But the things u instilled in us lifted us up, I feel his spirit even tho I want his warm embrace but I must say he gave us some of the greatest days. Love baby girl cent.
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