Ed Johnson

Cathy Hokanson
Ed Johnson was my grandfather. He was a United Methodist Minister. Before that he was a Penticostal Minister and before that he was a Salvation Army Preacher. He was so adamant about preaching, he would go anywhere to spread the Word. His first wife - the mother of my father and all of his siblings died at an early age. My father was the oldest of 7 children. There were 3 small children still at home. My grandfather being a Minister, remarried in hopes of getting help raising the children. Instead, he found a widow with 3 children of her own and decided from the beginning that her children came first in all matters. Granddad's children rebelled and went to live with my parents. They grew up and married and in some cases (mostly due to the war) they came back with their families to live with us again. So our house was always overflowing with children.
I have been researching the Johnson line from Kentucky. Counties - Floyd, Morgan, Cumberland, Russell and Wayne. The oldest Johnson I have found is John Johnson born about 1819-20 in Floyd Co. He married Almena Elliott in Morgan Co., 2 April 1840. I have information on all their children but would really like some help finding his siblings and ancestry. Be happy to share what I have.
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