Edward M Schauf

Bruce Rowland
I was a friend/roommate of Ed's in Orlando florida around 1991, then moved to Ft Myers on a transfer but kept in touch with Ed, I moved to Jacksonville and happen to meet up with Ed again there and we became roommates again, then he and I moved to Okeechobee to my parents ranch, shortly after Ed decided to move back to Quincy, we lost contact for sometime, Then on 2005 Ed called me to see if I happened to still have the same number, we talk on a few occasions, then lost contact for a while. I was searching to find Ed again to say hi and came across his death notice in the SS index, I am completely saddened to know he died, I am trying to reach any family of his to find out what happened. I know his dad Ed also passed Ed told me that himself and also that his mom had passed, if any family member could please contact me I would greatly apprciate it. I would really like to talk to you. My email is [contact link]
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