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Pawn To G4: Tuesday was my friend. She was the smartest pretty girl I knew. Hell, she was one of the smartest people I knew altogether. Though she was beautiful, she never relied on that to get her by in this world. She worked hard, kept her wits about her, was well rounded, and well cultured. She was open minded, tolerant, and inclusive. She was mysterious and a bit quiet. Not shy, just soft. She was as down ass chick, man. We were a small band of four when we hung out. Me, Tues, Noelle, and Cade. We were young. We were wild. We loved...HARD. We were lost, but we found each other. Tues, I'll never forget our secret chess matches. Til this day, no one knows how many random weekdays that just you and I hung out by ourselves. We never disclosed our true nerdiness in front of the others. When I broke my knee, you'd come over, unannounced, alone, at the perfect times, set up the chess board and move the same damn pawn, each time. Pawn to g4. Which never made any damn sense to me. Nonetheless, you'd play the board, in its entirety, while I'd set my line of defense. Strategic and systematically trained. And we'd talk. And talk and talk and talk. I was always amazed at the things you had to say and the way in which you'd express your personal perception of the world around you and the people in your life. You'd always look for the good in those whom you loved, often making concessions for us and our sometimes questionable behaviors. You saw through us all. Saw us at our core. You could always find something that outweighed our faults. You would defend someone you loved with every fiber in you. Because when you loved, you did so without conditions. Those are the things I remember about you. You were and always will be a tiny beautiful angel. I am truly blessed to have known you.
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