Eliza & Roe Shepherd, Whitetip Mountain

Joyce Layton
Maw Eliza used to tell us how she would gather different leaves, roots, barks, berries and flowers. She would dry them and sell them for pennies a pound. I can't imagine a pound of leaves for only a penny.
Once while walking across Whitetop Mt. she came across a big bear. She waved her lantern at it until it ran off. I;m glad it didn't get angry at her and attack!
She told me about the cabin her and her husband Roe lived in when they first got married. There were no windows and it had a dirt floor. At that time there wasn't even an outhouse! Grandpa Roe threw his 'britches' at her and said put them on, she said they don't fit me Roe. He said that's right and don't ever try to wear the pants in this family, I'm the head of the home.
They had 10 children together. Grandpa died at the age of 61 but Maw never wanted to be with another man because she said she loved Roe too much.
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