Elizabeth Threlkeld & Samuel Williams Wedding

Diane Kuntz
The Williams family was joined to the Threlkelds when Elizabeth Threlkeld, daughter of Rev. Joseph Threlkeld, married Samuel Williams in Montgomery Co, MD. The couple moved to Chariton Co. MO. They had 5 children, John Peter, Henry T.,Thomas B., Eliza, and Harriet.
Samuel married Elizabeth in MD then traveled to MO where he purchased land, and returned to bring his family west. A pioneer settler of the county among the Indians and wolves. He died in 1821. Elizabeth died in 1835.

Henry T. was a leader in one of the earliest Indian Wars commanding a regiment of militia. He was a leading lawyer in his state. Eventually moving to New Orleans where he became surveyor-general of Louisiana. He died in 1859.

Thomas B. was prominently connected to the government Indian Service. and died of a cold while escorting Indians to Iowa.

Eliza was married 3 times, first to Dr.John Holman, next to Nathaniel Patton who published the first newspaper west of St Louis the 'Missouri Intelligencer'. He died in St Charles in 1837. Finally she married Major Wilson Overall. She died in 1878.

Harriet married Rev. R N Kelly, a leading Methodist minister and a pioneer editor in Liberty, MO. He died in 1840. Harriet then married John Boyd of Montgomery Co. She died in 1877.

John Peter became a leading planter in Chariton Co. He owned 3300 acres of land and raised annually from 30,000 to 50,000 pounds of tobacco and hemp. He also owned 25 Negroes. He also ran a large saw mill and grist mill on the Chariton River. He married twice, first to Miss Amanda Williams and had 8 children. Then to Polly Watts and had 4 more children
Of John's children by his 1st marriage was John Peter Jr. who would father one William E Williams, who would then sire 9 children Boyd Williams. and Virgil H Williams my grandfather.

I will gladly provide all of the family information in detail for those of you to whom I am related.
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