Beverley Estlinbaum
John Georg Estlinbaum came to USA from Germany in 1869.
He married Minnie F. (Brisson) sp.
He was born in Germany and died in Junction City, Kansas 1924.
Minnie born in Wisconsin and died in Junction City, Kansas 1917.

They had four children:
John, William Herman, Charles, Fredrick August

Charles died at a early age in Junction City, Kansas

John died in Junction City, Kansas

William Herman died in Oklahoma.

Fredrick also died in Oklahoma.

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Beverley Estlinbaum I found the Marriage License for John Estlinbaum
and Minnie Brussow. They were married May 20, 1875 in Juction City, Kansas Davis County.
Their first child was born in 1878 and died as a
infant, by the name of Charles.
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