Eula, Charles, Bill

Beth Pearce
Willow, Okla. April 16-1918 Mr. Charlie Montgomery My Dear Charlie

Will take the greatest of pleasure in answering your most gladly rec'd
letter which came to hand a few days ago. I was so blue the day I gotten
your letter and it cheered me up so much. I can hardly wait till your
letters come. "Gee" but I get so lonesome out here sometimes. I don't know
what to do with myself. But I have been sick the past days. Have not
spoken a word out loud all day. I think I have lost my voice. I'm thinking
I will be better by morning any way. Hope you got to go to the place.
Quanah I believe it was. Hope you had a nice time. I am so glad you think
you are not going to France. I hope not too. How is old Bill and why don't
he write me. Tell him I will be ????? at him if he don't write soon. And
dear where did you get that stuff about me going to the city? No I am not
going now for mother's health is too bad. I meant to visit a girl friend of
myn. I don't think I will get to go now before summer. Well I am feeling
so bad will close as I am writing in bed so please excuse this short letter.
Answer real soon. Yours Truly "Eula"
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