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Pierce Collins
I'm trying to find out more about my family, As far as I know they come from bluefield,va.(bossievain),(pocohonas). My grandfather was adam faizer collins,grandmother was lena gay (wolf) collins. they had 9 childern my grandpop worked in mines (baby mine Pocohonas,va.)
also my dad Pierce E collins sr.(pete) and uncle Rex worked in the coal mines My mother Wanda (davidson) collins was raised in pocohontas va. Her family settled bluefield va. but no one can shead any light on my dads family,so if anyone out there can help it will be greatly apprecitaed.
pierce e collins jr.
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Bethany Collins I have absolutely no idea about my family but im trying to learn
I might be related to you if you come from England!!!!
Jul 28, 2010 · Reply

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