Flores, long lost siblings

Jessica Flores
My name is Jessica Flores ~ I'm the daughter of Israel Flores. My mother took me from my father as child and I grew up in foster care for many years not knowing who I was or where I came from. Long story short my mother remarried and my stepfather whom got my half brother and I out of foster care which to this day I sometimes wish they didn't. Anyways life gave me more downs then ups. In 2004 I got a phone call from my long lost father from the hospital ~ seems he has cancer and doesn't have long to live. I was bitter from the years of hurt so I just listened to everything he had to say. Not saying a word. A month later he died! So now that time has passed ~I'm trying to find any living family since I lost my chance with Israel don't want to do it again with anyone from my spanish side of the family. I know I have a sister and two bothers from him and they all live in NYC someplace. My sister is married to a police offerer in Long Island.. If anyone has any information please contact me .. God Bless
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