George Armour, my great grandpa

Christina Leibrook
George (grandpa) was the best grandfather us kids could ask for... as a young child we loved going to his home where he and my great grandmother Millie A. Resided. They always had great healthy food, snacks and sweet candies in a dish waiting. Every family gathering worth the memory was with he and my grandma. Granpa always gave me a good back scratch and he said "my daddy always said EVERYBODY deserves a good back scratch every now and then" he was right. I used to ask him to scratch my back every time we'd visit. I miss him and my grandma more than anyone knows. We'd sit and listen to his war stories & he'd share a view of the purple heart he earned at war... even as a kid no matter how gruesome it seemed, we love to see the scars from where his amo belt was shot! I'm doing this to let neither of their LEGENDS die. Thats what they were, thats what they will remain in my book- legends. Thank you both for teaching me about the word of God & his son Jesus Christ. At grandpa's funeral I sang "in the garden" that was his favorite song, his momma used to sing it to him :)
Love you always, miss you ever day. Rest in sweet peace my angels.
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